As a vendor, you have the opportunity to either:
Advertise on the website                Exhibit at an expo/convention
Advertise in emails                        Get your brochures/materials to doctors through our seminars
Exhibit at a seminar                        Sponsor

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Fetterman Events provides over 100 seminars every year to chiropractors across the country.  Most of these have a
variety of opportunities for vendors to participate.  We know the value that vendors can bring to a seminar and
convention and work diligently to make this a very beneficial experience for you as well as for us!

Currently we have seminars in the following states:
Alabama ~ Colorado ~ Delaware ~ Georgia ~ Hawaii ~ Idaho ~ Illinois ~ Indiana ~ Iowa  Massachusetts ~ Michigan ~
Mississippi ~ Montana ~ Nebraska ~ North Carolina ~ North Dakota ~ Ohio ~ Oregon ~ Pennsylvania ~ South
Carolina ~ South Dakota ~ Tennessee ~ Vermont ~ Virginia ~  Washington ~ Wisconsin ~ Missouri ~ Tennessee ~
Washington ~ Wisconsin

Currently we have a convention (spring and fall) in Wisconsin.  
Delaware Conventions

Wisconsin Conventions
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July Special!

Exhibit at as many of our seminars as you want for the
remainder of 2014!
Only $1500 one time fee (or $300/month July - December)

You choose any that you'd like to attend - anywhere in the US.  We will let you know
how many doctors are registered so you can make the decision on attending!  

**Currently all of our Wisconsin seminars have at least 100 doctors
(except Chippewa Falls with 30 at this time)
Pay 1 time fee of $1500
Pay $300/month July - December