Case of the Week

Beginning in January, we will be providing expert recommendations on YOUR difficult cases/patients!  These recommendations will be provided by a special panel of well known Chiropractors such as, Dr. Rob Jackson, Dr. Terry Yochum, Dr. Chris Colloca and more.   We believe that the more we all talk and work together, the better outcomes we'll experience!  So whether it's a patient who's just not responding as they should, or a chronic complaint that you haven't found the right treatment for, or just a question about a case....we want to help.  

We need YOUR difficult cases! 

Gender: Male Age of Patient: 70

Special Considerations: Spinal stenosis of thoracic and lumbar spine

 Your Case or Question: I have a Medicare patient who has spinal stenosis in the thoracic and lumbar spine, I have worked with him for years he has a stimulator implanted in the lower back and into the thoracic spine. It helps some but he also has severe balance problems and still has a huge amount of pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine. He comes in weekly, I try to get him to go longer between visits but when he does his symptoms increase and he will become immobile without coming in every week to 9 days. I am a walk-in clinic and file this with Medicare but am afraid of having issues with Medicare if the visits remain too frequent. I believe this is not maintenance care, he cannot function he says without CMT, he gets injections in the low back through pain management on a regular basis.