Shoulder Test Laminates - $59.99

A complete set of laminates you can display in your treatment rooms, or just have on hand for reference.  This set includes description of each vital shoulder test, how to properly perform the test, and what you are looking for with each test.  Each description shows a picture of Dr. Dolbin performing the test on a patient.  These laminates are invaluable for a successful shoulder practice!  

Complete set of 13 laminates - $59.99


Dolbin Shoulder Treatment Protocols - Set of 4 DVDs


Jack Dolbin, DC, CSCS - Former NFL Superbowl Player for the Denver Broncos, is well known for his successful treatment of shoulder injuries.  Other medical professionals in his area consistently refer patients to him when they present with shoulder problems.  One D.O. stated, "You're the only one I'll refer to because you do the most complete diagnosis and treatment that I've ever seen.".  Another surgeon says, "I send my shoulder patients to Dr. Dolbin before trying surgery.  Usually, Dr. Dolbin can successfully treat them and get them fully functioning in a short time".
Now you can learn how to successfully treat shoulder injuries and become known in your area as the doctor to see for any shoulder problem!  

 DVD 1 - Principles of Manual Therapy: A Foundation for Treatment
 DVD 2 - Examination & Diagnosis of Shoulder Injuries: Including all tests
 DVD 3 - Treatment Protocols to Successfully Treat Shoulder Injuries
 DVD 4 - Treating the Kinetic Chain & Adjunctive Therapies

These DVDs extensively cover the entire process of treating shoulders from beginning to end result.  Dr. Dolbin focuses on examining the patient, history taking, radiology of the shoulder, performing tests, forming a diagnosis and the best treatment plan for the patient.  Dr. Dolbin will lead you through how to properly examine the patient including a special segment on each test and what the results tell you.  You will learn what to look for and how to treat the patient and get the results you're looking for!  You will see complete treatment protocols on patients throughout the DVDs which will enable you to become confident in treating shoulders.

Each DVD is 30-45 minutes long and includes bullet points throughout for your viewing and educational enhancement.  DVDs are shipped in 1-2 days.

$299 - Set of 4 DVDs