The following companies support Fetterman Events and are recommended for their quality of service and product.

Your X-Ray Equipment Resource Specialist!

Don O'Handley of Healthcare Equipment has been a family owned, independent distributor since 1982 and has provided quality x-ray supplies, accessories, equipment and service for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, veterinarians and podiatrists.


Rapid Release Technology, LLC is dedicated to improving people’s lives and well being by developing and producing innovative, proprietary products designed to achieve measurable results.

A practicing Chiropractor since 1978. Dr. Stanbridge Inventor/President, has focused on pain and relieving suffering in a non-surgical, holistic way. In 2000 Dr. Stanbridge introduced the use of powerful LED arrays using a proprietary blend of visible and infrared wavelengths to accelerate healing of wounds and injuries leading to the formation of the highly successful LightStim brand, the largest selling hand held light therapy device in the world.

An early adopter of vibrational medicine, Dr Stanbridge investigated high speed vibrations, their affect on tissues. Immediate and lasting results with patients who had been suffering led to the formation of Rapid Release Therapy which today is poised to become the “go to” therapy for physical therapists, chiropractors, sports trainers and the health and medical community in general.


Our Passion is Improving Lives

We are fueled by a passion to drive change in medicine through advancing medical therapy laser innovations that improve the quality of life for millions of people (and animals) who suffer from pain and injury.

Revolutionizing Pain Management

Our unique approach to pain management addresses the clinical and economic burden of patient scripted opioids. We invite all healthcare professionals to explore our approach to drug free pain management treatment options.

Transformative Technologies and Support

We have designed our therapy lasers, clinical protocols, and practice marketing to enable us to work together with healthcare professionals that provide transformative treatments for improving patient outcomes and decreasing healthcare costs.

Johnson health tech co., ltd

Johnson health tech co., ltd

Since our beginning in 1975, Johnson Health Tech (JHT) has specialized in the design, production and marketing of award-winning fitness equipment. In our 40 years of business, JHT has grown tremendously in the ever-evolving fitness market. Based in Taiwan, we are Asia's largest, the world's third-largest and one of the industry's fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturers.

Our brands have been sold across 60 countries and are marketed to the commercial, specialty and home-use markets. Our commitment to product innovation, superior value, and unmatched customer service has made JHT a leading provider of high-quality fitness equipment around the world. We truly are delivering the world's fitness solutions.

WellTech was formed by a group of chiropractors and strategic advisors that realized the need to educate practitioners about technology that can help them grow their medical practice.

Our goal is to provide the education and tools to make your practice a success through seminars, webinars, and WellTech Society.

We research emerging health technologies and deliver proven technology products to the medical industry and health care professionals. We’re committed to helping your practice succeed through the use of technology and our consulting and practice management programs.

Spine Align Products

We decided that we would start a company that not only sold products but also help practices sell the products to patients.  So we created Spine Align Products in co-operation with CaerVision, MyChiroPortal and App4Chiro.  Now we are able to maximize your in-office revenue by providing you the with the best products, at the best price and give you the marketing tools to sell the products.