Fetterman Events is founded on the beliefs that:
1.  The body was created in a way that it can heal itself of most issues.  Medical intervention is needed in some cases, but the majority of problems can be taken care of if the person listens to the body and what it is telling them.  Chiropractors help the patient do this.

2. Chiropractic is the best way to naturally keep or return the body to functioning optimally.

3. Doctors are the reason Fetterman Events is here.  If the Doctor's aren't happy and seeing the value and quality in the seminars, then we won't be around!  It's the Doctor that means the most in the company!

4. Always keep learning!  By continually learning more or new things, you keep your mind and body exercised and refreshed.

5. The most important belief is our Christian belief.  We don't push our beliefs on you, but we will uphold our beliefs in the seminars, the way we do business, and be more than happy to share this belief with you if you ask. 

God is the creator, and the only God.  We believe that Jesus is God's Son.  He was crucified and rose on the third day.  He died for our sins and if we believe in Him, we will not perish, but have everlasting life.  (John 3:16).  

Fetterman Events was started in 2003 by Kris Fetterman.  Kris had been working as the Program Director for the Michigan Chiropractic Society putting together all of the seminars and conventions for the organization.  She helped the organization build the conventions to a phenomenal level including having over 1,000 Doctors attending and over 100 vendors at each one along with many individual seminars across the state.

As time passed, the leadership began requesting that she provide seminars on topics or with speakers that she knew the general chiropractic population were not interested in.  This is when she decided that she could be of better service to the Doctors by leaving the organization and starting a company that provided CE seminars on topics and with speakers that would better benefit the profession.  The first seminar was held in Madison, WI in 2003 with Dr. Rob Jackson.

In the beginning, Kris figured the cost of putting on a seminar, added a small percentage for company profits and came up with a seminar registration cost of $199 for a 12 hour/1 day seminar.  (Currently the price is just $249) This was much lower than other seminars offered anywhere in the country, but a fair price that enabled Doctors to attend a seminar without taking advantage of the fact that Doctors must attend seminars to renew their license.  It worked for the Doctor and for the company.

When the economy took a turn in 2008, the effect was felt by Chiropractic Associations with a reduced membership and reduced seminar attendance.  What the majority of those associations did to recuperate their losses, was to turn to companies that would provide free speakers, or most raised the price of attending conventions and seminars.  Kris believed this was the wrong approach.  Why ask the Doctors to pay more, while getting a lower quality seminar?  The only thing that would benefit the chiropractic profession was to keep the seminars affordable AND keep the quality high.  This is when the Doctor Program was founded.

The only program of this kind, the Doctor Program enables Doctors to enroll for one low price, and take as many CE seminars as they wish for a two year period.  This makes it possible for Doctors to attend seminars not only for their required CE hours, but for the information provided...to enhance their education!  A Doctor can attend seminars they are truly interested in without paying extra.  This in turn enhances the patient's experience to Chiropractic as well.