Looking for a DC

$40,000 starting $100,000+ in 2 years

Forget about insurance and government hassles or the administrative responsibilities of owning and running a practice...simply treat and manage patients whileworking only 3 days a week in a large, high volume, Raleigh practice with 3 other D.C.s.

Although you must:

Be trainable. Learn our highly organized systems and perform them exactly.

Be able to motion palpate and osseously adjust... well.

Be personable, positive, motivated and energetic.

The best candidate will be one who has already been in practice a couple of years and is sick and tired of the problems associated with ownership... A doctor who can appreciate just being a doctor again, have a great income and 4 days off every week...A doctor who is able to take time off when sick or days off to go on a vacation.... and be able to walk out the door each night and forget about the practice and have a life...a good life!

Call 919-812-6171 or email us at oksabukccc@gmail.com