Get Certified in Treating Shoulders!

Certification programs starting now!

Upon Certification, we will notify your local
papers/media along with schools, colleges
and athletic teams to let them know that YOU
have the expertise in your area to successfully
treat shoulder problems!
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Fetterman Events programs are known for the high quality of speakers and topics.  All of our seminars provide
continuing education credits for license renewal.  Our programs bring professionals together to learn from exciting,
qualified instructors and from each other.  These programs provide times to network with others in your profession and
discuss common issues.
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Rejuvenate your passion
for the profession!
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Custom Orthotics
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Learn how to accurately evaluate your patient's
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Custom Orthotics
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Practice Tip
The best way to retain
patients is to show them you
care.  Call every new patient
at the end of the day to inquire
how they are feeling.  

This sends a strong
message..."I care"!  It also
allows you to recommend
home therapy such as cold
packs if they have some post
treatment soreness.
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Dr. Terry Yochum
Dr. Rob Jackson
Dr. Jack Dolbin
Dr. Brad Hayes
Dr. Rick Carter
Dr. Dane Borman
and more!
Dr. Dolbin's Shoulder
Treatment Protocols
DVDs are available!
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Thank you for your dedication & service!

Barry Bayly, Navy

David Bayly, Army, Iraq  

Harry Blackburn, Cdr USN, KIA 1972

Tom Dexter, Marines

Christian Dolbin, Air Force

Mike Doyle, Lt. USN, KIA

Glenn Fetterman,
CWO2 Army, KIA 30 Sept. 1969, Vietnam

Joseph Greenleaf,
Lt. USN, KIA 14 Apr. 1972

Dean Grubb, Navy

Greg Guest, Army, Vietnam

Harley Hall, Cdr. USN, KIA Jan 1972

Ray Luper, Army, Vietnam

Clemie McKinney,
Lt. USN, KIA 14 Apr. 1972

Robert Odykirk, Army, Iraq

O. J. Pender,
Lcdr USN, KIA 17 Aug. 1972

John R. Pitzen,
Capt. USN, KIA 17 Aug. 1972