Visceral Manipulation: Techniques & Treatments
Visceral Manipulation relies on the palpation of normal and abnormal forces within the body.  By using specific techniques, doctors can evaluate how abnormal forces affect the body.  The goal is to help the body's normal forces remove abnormal effects. Those effects can be global, encompassing many areas of bodily function


Chiropractic Intervention for Neurological Decline: Alzheimers, Dementia and Other Cognitive Disturbances
Using new research from many different well-respected sources, Dr. Dolbin has put together a program that outlines the major influences on mental issues such as dementia and alzheimers and how chiropractors can help patients slow the effects and in some cases even reverse the changes in the brain.  This is a revolutionary program that will bring a new outlook on these debilitating diseases and enable chiropractors to offer a valuable service to a growing population that are affected with the symptoms associated with mental decline.


Taping Techniques and Sports Medicine

In this seminar Dr. Morgan will teach:

  • Athletic and Kinesio taping methods for all major areas of the body
  • Overview of examination and treatment of common injuries
  • Working as a team or event chiropractor in various circumstances.  How to get involved.  Patient/athlete forms, informed consent and risk management. 
  • Sports Chiropractic clinical pearls and tips
  • Case Studies in Sports Chiropractic
  • Concussion protocols

Myofascial Disruption Technique
Soft tissue refers to muscle, ligament, tendon, and other soft tissues that make up the musculoskeletal system.  The musculoskeletal system is often overlooked as the source of a person's pain.  However, it has now been proven that many pains that are chronic and previously thought to be associated with structures such as the spine or skeletal system are in fact distortions of soft tissue.  Dr. Hayes co-developed an exciting treatment technique called Myofascial Disruption Technique.  Dr. Brad Hayes in association with Dr. Malcolm Conway and Dr. Hugh Gemmell helped develop and helps teach this technique to doctors internationally. 

integrative gi.jpg

Integrative Management of GI Systems:  Irritating to Debilitating

Integrative practitioners are increasingly accustomed to diagnosing and treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and intestinal hyperpermeability as clinical entities. Both of these conditions are at the heart of many other known and named conditions. However, despite our ever-increasing understanding and appreciation, both SIBO and intestinal hyperpermeability require highly complex protocols, are often difficult to resolve, and prone to recurrence.

Course Learning Objectives:
- Participants will learn to work with patients
o for whom the elimination diet has failed
o who have increasingly difficult symptoms to manage
o who cannot tolerate conventional approaches


Lower Extremity Treatments to Restore Function
Join us to learn how to apply the fundamental principles of Chiropractic and treatment to common conditions affecting the lower extremities.  This seminar will include hands on demonstrations of techniques to resolve functional issues with the feet, knees, hip and more.


New Trends & Requirements in Documentation - 2018

Dr. Hayes feels that the principle reason doctors are not getting paid for what they deserve is due to poor documentation. Claims adjustors must match their standards for payment against the documentation of the doctor. If it does not match, the doctors' bills get reduced. You will learn what you have to do in order to be paid for your services.


Rehabilitation & Functional Movement Strategies

This is the perfect mix of education, evidence-based techniques, and hands-on training. Chiropractic adjustments will focus on the full spine, as well as extremity techniques. The myofascial portion will consist of in-office and home protocols. In-office techniques will be focused on instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, both immobile and with movement, (similar to Graston technique) and an array of trigger point therapy, pin-and-stretch, and other myofascial release techniques. The home protocols will be centered around the use of a foam roller, roller stick, lacrosse ball, and mobility peanut. Finally, rehabilitation will start with assessment protocols created by Vladimir Janda and Craig Liebenson, educational background, and corrective exercises/protocols. No matter what your background training may be, you will definitely be able to apply something to your everyday practice to help patients and boost revenue


Extremity Adjusting the WONG Way!

In this seminar, Dr. Kevin Wong will teach extremity adjusting from toes to nose!  You will learn what works for you in your practice on all areas of the body.  Dr. Wong will cover:
Feet and Arches - Ankles - Knees - Hips - Spine - Jaw - TMJ and more!


Successful Shoulder Treatments - Learn from Renowned Expert in the Field!
In this seminar, you will learn the methods of assessment, diagnosis and treatment proven
successful for treating shoulder problems you see everyday.  This is a hands on demonstration program designed to teach you how to resolve impingements, tears, tendonopathies and more. Learn from the leading expert in shoulder treatments

inflammation and food.jpg

Inflammation & Food Sensitivities

Dr. Kendel will kick off the seminar discussing the biochemical process behind inflammation and how it becomes chronic inflammation.  You will learn the common causes of chronic inflammation and what we as chiropractors can do to treat it.  

In this seminar, you will learn:
1.  How chronic inflammation affects the gut and how it leads to food sensitivities.
2.  What food sensitivities are exactly and how we can test for them and treat them.


Chiropractic Nutrition
Join us to learn how specific nutrition can affect your patients and their results with your
treatments. Nutritional measures, diagnostics and treatment protocols , and more will be
discussed along with case studies and management of these patients.  At some locations we will also have the national expert on Nitric Oxide discussing the importance of NO to health and wellness


Rehabilitation & Trigger Point Therapy
Dr. Carter will teach his unique clinical concepts of treating Trigger Points with minimal or no pain methods.   Topics include functional strength, power, flexibility and fitness as it relates to everyday work, home and recreational activities.  Learn specific rehab exercises and when to use them. Practice these exercises and how to score them to better treat your patients.


Clinical Imaging & Diagnostics with Case Studies
This program will review the indications and contraindications of MRI, it's risks and benefits.  Other imaging modalities such as digital and plain film imaging, will also be reviewed. 
Through case presentations, attendees will gain confidence and competence in their
clinical interpretation skills.


Taping & Techniques for Upper & Lower Extremity Treatments
Specific techniques will be demonstrated throughout the day including techniques for shoulders, knees, SI, hips, ankles, feet and more. After the techniques are demonstrated, proper kinesiotaping methods will be taught for each problem area.  You will learn the proper taping techniques to decrease muscle tightness and fatigue, increase joint stability and proprioception, relieve pain, correct joint problems and edema reduction.  You will have the opportunity to practice these taping methods in class so you are ready for your first patient the next day!

Functional Neurology with Chiropractic Treatments
Join us to gain a better understanding of neurological pathways and the effects of chiropractic treatment.  Dr. Clary will present a detailed review of key anatomical pathways and their relationship to specific treatments.  He will show you how to efficiently and properly evaluate the patient to restore function.   This course covers gait, posture, movement, tremor, postural instability, vertigo, motor learning, pupil responses, eye movements, cognitive processing, etc.


Understanding Laser Therapy: Class IV
Laser therapy has proven to be effective for people who are looking for a less invasive way to treat their pain. Through laser therapy,chiropractors are ahead of the curve with how they help their patients manage their pain. In addition to being a noninvasive form of treatment, laser therapy is also drug, surgery, and pain free.