In General - Fetterman Events

Looking forward to seeing you again.  I get far more out of your seminars than any other I have taken in 35 years experience.  They help my patients the next day.  Thanks a lot.   - Dr. R. Stenton, Ohio

Thank you for getting the links to the notes out so quickly. The seminar was fantastic ! Like I told you Saturday, Dr. Dolbin just keeps getting better ! I also love the myofascial work that Dr. Hayes teaches.  I especially enjoy the friendliness of the fellow doctors at your seminars.  It's a very comfortable atmosphere which lends itself to open discussions and to making new friends.  I really appreciate what you have done in this state.  I look forward to future events with you. 
- Dr. Marianne Schweighardt, Wisconsin
Yes, it was a fantastic program with great information presented once again (the plus for me, was, I saw and was able to visit with, two colleagues I haven't had contact with in just over 30 years, when I used to practice in Racine, Wisconsin).   I can't say enough positive things about your organization and how evident it is, you are, in seeing us (chiropractors) become better doctors to help our patients, by attending one or your educational events.    I truly don't understand the wonderful gift, and I want to stress that, Kris, the gift, you've presented to all of us, through education, and those who don't pursue more of your lectures.  I'll admit, I am becoming partial to Dr. Dolbin and his teaching methods/materials....he is an excellent role model for us to look up to and strive to become............I look forward to seeing you soon at another of your events...........
- Dr. Greg Ng Dung, Illinois
I've been taking Fetterman seminars for years and can honestly say that I get great information at every one and always come away feeling like it was worth my time to be there.  They have great speakers and topics and the atmosphere is terrific.  I won't go anywhere else for seminars.
 - Dr. Ken Otto, Wisconsin
I took a newspaper with me to the seminar thinking I would sit in the back and read.  Wow!  I never even opened it up!  What a terrific program!
- Dr. Matt Spiers, Ohio
When I first joined the program, I wasn't sure it was for real.  But I've been in the program for 5 years now and taking as many seminars as I want.  I've never had a problem getting my CE's or finding a seminar close to me.  
- Dr. Ned White, Tennessee
Being in the Doctor Program, I can now take as many seminars as I want and pay nothing.  Amazing these guys can do such a great job without robbing me blind!  It's about time a company came around that really supports us doctors!
- Dr. Roy Ostenson, Wisconsin

Dr. Clary's Seminars

The biggest benefit to me yesterday was being reminded that there are multiple paradigms possible and we can search until we find the right one for our patients (or ourselves) - Dr. L. Grinnell, Michigan

Dr. Dolbin's Seminars

"Dr. Jack Dolbin should be considered the most valuable asset to a Doctor of Chiropractic's post graduate training in the field today. His wealth of knowledge and research is both anecdotal and inspirational. I have found that the concepts, principles, and practices that he shares from his own practice experience have been life changing in my own clinical career.
  I have taken several of his many courses, including his flagship course -shoulder certification, and have found that my expertise, assessment skills, and diagnosis have been on par with some of the most successful shoulder surgeons and clinicians in the country.
  Thank you Jack and Fetterman events for making this coursework possible. - Dr. Jeff Greer, Plymouth, MI
I am just writing you to thank you for the presentation you gave for the Fetterman Events Group here in Pennsylvania.  This is the first time I’ve ever contacted a speaker after a CE seminar; however, I feel it was necessary to give credit where credit is due.  Your dedication to the material and the heartfelt delivery of your apparent passion for chiropractic was refreshing to say the least.  To have a speaker not only give top notch, useful practice building procedures but to back it up with scientific and written information is refreshing.  As you well know, practice can be challenging with all the daily opposition we receive from patients, insurance companies and other medical providers.  We often find ourselves second guessing our motivates and goals we may have in practice.   I for one love chiropractic.  I genuinely want to help people reach their optimum level of health.  You inspired me not give up and keep my eye on the big picture.  I appreciate not being sold on products but being encouraged in Chiropractic Principles and application of healing arts and science.
- Dr. E. Miller, Pennsylvania

Thank you for another great seminar weekend.  I had a patient message me on Sunday in the middle of Dr. Dolbin's shoulder protocol instruction.  She is a massage therapist, and she was having terrible shoulder pain!  Long story short, she came in Monday and was 100% by Tuesday thanks to Dr. Jack's protocols. Nice to still get excited after 20 years in practice!
- Dr. B. Blodgett, Wisconsin

I very much enjoyed yesterday's seminar on taping in Chicago. Dr. Dolbin is filled with so much knowledge and look forward to taking his Diagnosis, technique and "philosophy" classes - Dr. L. Schuster, Illinois

Dr. Hayes' Seminars

Dr. Hayes explained soft tissue anatomy in a very pertinent way.  Perfectly usable and effective techniques.
- Dr. N. Reinhart, Tennessee, 2016
He covers a lot of great and useful information/techniques
- Dr. L. Powers, Tennessee, 2016
He was able to talk and teach practical techniques which kept my attention the whole time.
- Dr. R. Sadowski, Michigan, 2016
I could spend a 2 day seminar on this great material
- Dr. C. Savereux, France, 2016
Lots of hands on and showing disruptions.
- Dr. S. Golenberg, 2017