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Myofascial Disruption Technique with Dr. Hayes

  • TUPELO, MS Holiday Inn Express, 1612 McClure Cove Tupelo, MS (map)

Dr. Hayes co-developed an exciting treatment technique called Myofascial Disruption Technique.  Dr. Brad Hayes in association with Dr. Malcolm Conway and Dr. Hugh Gemmell helped develop and helps teach this technique to doctors internationally. 

    • MyoFascial Disruption Technique (MFDT) MyoFascial Disruption Technique (MFDT) is a hands-on approach to treating soft tissue injuries. MFDT recognizes that most, if not all, soft tissue injuries are a result of a separation or a disruption of the fascia. [fascia - a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body.] 

      The fascia can separate at the origin or insertion of a tendon or ligament. The fascia can separate within the muscle in a band like separation. It can ‘wrinkle’ like a shirt pulled out from your hamper. It can ‘un-coil’ in the extremities like a twisted slinky toy. Dr. Hayes repairs the fascia by 'ironing the wrinkle', meaning he re-attaches the fascia which eliminates your pain.

    12 CE hours for DCs

    6 CE hours for CAs

    12 CE hours for DCs
    6 CE hours for CAs

    $249 per DC
    $159 per CA

    *CEs sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College

    Rates increase $50 week of seminar

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