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Current Pain Methods & Treatments: What Really Works

  • TUPELO, MS Courtyard by Marriott, 1320 N. Gloster St. Tupelo, MS (map)

Dr. Hayes will take you through the current pain methods of MDs and DOs and the impact they really have on patients.  You will learn the current research and theories on pain management and some very innovative things you can do as chiropractors to control pain.  Included with this class will be actual samples of natural ways to control pain.

Additionally we will explore how to control blood pressure, and Raynaud’s Phenomena, as well as other conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction, and COPD. This is done completely with a well researched and documented product that has an effect in your office within 10 minutes.  We will look at the effect that blood pressure medications have on patients and the importance of correcting the condition, not just masking it.  Again you will be given samples and instructed on exactly how to use this product to solve one of the biggest problems we have in the United States today.

The class will also look at arthritis and methods of treatment that really work to help one of the world’s most painful conditions that has continued to increase and was declared as the number one musculoskeletal problem in the world to solve.  The Bone and Joint Decade of the World Health Organization was organized to address this issue as well as some other issues.  There is a solution that works quite well based on 5 different international randomized controlled clinical trials.  Samples will be given in class.

This class will also explore Functional Dyspepsia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and what you as a chiropractor can do to help control and solve these common conditions with natural solutions.  One method is a physical treatment, another is nutritional, which is very effective and you will be given samples to see how this works in your clinic.

You will come out of this class with a better understanding of and more ways to alleviate and control the pain your patients are experiencing, and some of the major conditions that your patients have that can be treated naturally.  Please register ahead of time because of the number of samples that are given out to attendees so that we are sure we have enough.


12 CE hours for Miss. DCs
6 CE hours for Miss. CAs

Includes 3 Risk Mgmt. Hours
AL Approval #800123

$0 - Doctor Program Members
$249 per Non-Member DC
$159 per Non-DC

Rates increase $75 week of seminar

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