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Dry Needling Application & Procedure with Myofascial Technique

  • HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC Hilton Garden Inn, 1575 Fording Island Rd Hilton Head Island, SC (map)

Dr. Hayes teaches and demonstrates Dry Needling - when and how to use it to better treat your patients. The afternoon will include his practical class on Myofascial Disruption Technique, an approach to treating soft tissue injuries.

This hands on course will prepare you to safely and successfully incorporate this technique into your practice. 

You will get a supply of needles and necessities to take back to your office!

Superficial Dry Needling is a treatment method for soft tissue that affects enthesis disruptions and trigger points that, when done correctly, offers immediate pain relief for your patient. 

This course will cover the history behind dry needling and the difference between dry needling and acupuncture, as well as ethical considerations for performing dry needling.  We will discuss pain theory and the specifics of how a dry needle works. 

Recent research as well as past research demonstrates the effectiveness of dry needling, making it one of the emerging popular therapies today.  However, if the practitioner is not skilled and fully understanding of how the needle works and how to determine the appropriate needle locations, the service can cause pain and discomfort, or poor outcomes. 

Safety concerns as well as proper needle use and disposal will be emphasized. 

Demonstrations of safe and appropriate handling of needles, clean needle technique and the OSHA needle safety standard will result in the participant clearly understanding dry needling and when and when it should not be used.  The risks and potential complications of dry needling will be studied as well as how to identify potential adverse effects and how to manage emergencies.   You will be prepared to competently use this technique in your practice Monday Morning.

Dr. Hayes will end the day with Myofascial Treatments to enhance the dry needling and fully treat the patient in need.

The fascia can separate at the origin or insertion of a tendon or ligament. The fascia can separate within the muscle in a band like separation. It can ‘wrinkle’ like a shirt pulled out from your hamper. It can ‘un-coil’ in the extremities like a twisted slinky toy. Dr. Hayes repairs the fascia by 'ironing the wrinkle', meaning he re-attaches the fascia which eliminates your pain.

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12 CE hours for SC

CE Broker (SC Approval): 20-645095

$20 fee to Doctor Program members is to offset the cost of needles and supplies

$20 - Doctor Program Members
$279 - per Non-Member DC

Rates increase $75 week of seminar

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Max. Class Size:  40